Volunteers in Samut Songkhram cleanup local canal

Bang Khonthi district in Samut Songkhram province has launched a program to dispose of garbage and weeds along Bang Khonthi Canal to restore the area as an ecological tourist destination.

Residents and the 16th Military Circle of Ratchaburi province took part in the program to resolve the issue of drainage and waste. District Chief Nathapan Aemon disclosed that the activity has been held monthly for the past five years to preserve the cleanliness of the canal, which is a primary resource for the community. Many residents rely on its waters for the growing of coconuts, lychee, bananas, and pomelo, while also using the canal as a transportation route.

Meanwhile, Village Headsman of Bang Khonthi Village No. 2 Sommai Nakkiree revealed that villagers would often pool funds to provide food for participants in the program, as a way to encourage unity and appreciation of the clean canal, which is being developed into an ecological tourist attraction.