Thailand to submit summary of cleanup of fishing industry to EU

Thailand is preparing to submit a summary of its efforts to clean up the fishing industry to the European Union.

According to the government, the police have recorded 4,243 cases of illegal fishing activities and human-trafficking within the industry between May 2015 and January 18 of this year.

During this period, over 9,000 fishing boats and were impounded after inspection of some 40,000 of them.

It is reported that 79 cases involved fishing activities in water beyond Thailand’s territorial sea while 1,052 cases were related to Thai and foreign fishing vessels violating laws in Thai waters.

Moreover, there have been 85 cases related to human trafficking and more than 100 suspects have been arrested while over 160 victims have been rescued.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Jaruwat Waisaya, who lead the team tasked with clamping down on illegal fishing activities and human trafficking, said this week that Thailand remains determined to rid the country of these problems and has recorded the biggest number of such arrests in Asia.

He said that the Royal Thai Police will compile all their records and prepare a summary report for the government to present to the European Union in April.