Thailand, Bangladesh agree to augment trade, investment relations

Delegates from Thailand and Bangladesh have met during the World Economic Forum 2018 on the development of bilateral trade and investment cooperation.

On the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office Kobsak Pootrakool had an opportunity to hold a bilateral meeting with Mr Abul Hassan Mahmud Ali, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, in order to discuss the possibility of expanding relations in the area of trade and investment.

The Bangladeshi Foreign Minister noted that goods shipment between Bangladesh and Southeast Asia will soon become much easier and more convenient due to the various transport connectivity projects in the region, such as highway and railway projects running between Chittagong, Bangladesh and Kunming, China and the East-West Economic Corridor project linking Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam.

In response, the Thai minister affirmed Thailand’s readiness to further promote trade and investment cooperation between the two nations, saying a trip to Bangladesh will be arranged for Thai business operators to learn about investment opportunities in the country. Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh disclosed that an industrial estate will be established specifically to accommodate Thai investors.

With the steady economic expansion, Bangladesh is considered an attractive market for Thai entrepreneurs. Moreover, products from Thailand are also popular and highly demanded among Bangladeshi consumers.