PD to promote warehouse cooperatives for efficient supply chain

The Cooperative Promotion Department (CPD) plans to promote the setting up of warehouse cooperatives for the sake of an efficient supply chain.

CPD Director-General Phichet Wiriyapaha said the agency is pursuing the campaign to improve facilities at agricultural cooperatives as buffer warehouses where varied goods can be stored such as rice, animal feed, maize, tapioca, and rubber, to manage the supply chain and reduced the volume of goods which might otherwise be delivered to the markets during harvest season, ensure the availability of the products outside of the harvest season and bolster the selling prices.

He said the department will call on the government to provide a 4.2 million baht budget for the procurement of equipment such as drying fields, warehouses, dehydrators, and product processing machinery for agricultural cooperatives. The scheme is expected to collect an additional 1.09 million tons of goods with 263 more cooperatives agreeing to sign in the program.

The department’s units in the provinces will inspect the cooperatives which may agree to participate and provide them with the equipment.