Operations resume at Khon Kaen airport after minor fire

Flights to and from Khon Kaen airport have resumed as normal after a minor fire today while full airport operations at its passenger terminal will resume tomorrow.

The Department of Airports has reopened Khon Kaen airport to serve arriving and departing aircraft as normal, with repair works taking place at the damaged parts of the passenger terminal due to the fire earlier today.

Passengers on flights departing from Khon Kaen airport later today can now board their flight using provided buses, while makeshift check-in procedures are being carried out with boarding passes issued by agents written manually by hand.

Airport staffs were instructed to provide extra facilitation and communicate with passengers, ensuring all aviation safety standards are respected.

A fire broke out at the sub electrical control room on the 3rd floor of the passenger terminal today, which also caused damages to other electrical control rooms due to water used to put out the fire.

The Department of Airport’s Director-General Darun Sangchai led a team of officials to assess the damage to timely execute reparation plan. The department then issued a NOTAM warning to air operators on a temporary shut down of the airport until 6 p.m. today to allow repair works of damaged electricity system to take place.

The airport has worked with the related agencies to assess and evaluate damages to the air traffic control system, as well as ground operations. The airport is currently drawing electricity from an outside source to operate its baggage x-ray scanners.

Officials from the Office of Forensic Science has collected evidence for the investigation into the cause of the blaze, while damage assessment shows the damage from this accident is only limited to the electrical control room.

Workers are venting out the remaining smoke and smell in the passenger terminal, which is expected to resume its full operations tomorrow.