Ministry of Commerce promoting organic farming villages as tourist destinations

The Ministry of Commerce is working to make organic farming villages new tourist attractions for both Thai and foreign travelers.

Department of Internal Trade (DIT) Director-General Boonyarit Kalayanamitr explained on Thailand Moves Forward that the Ministry of Commerce is to promote villages engaged in organic farming as places to visit during travels in the nation.

The move follows the government making organic farming part of the National Agenda, seeking to make Thailand a center for the production, sale, and consumption of organically grown farm goods. Between 2017 and 2021, the state is to expand organic farming from 300,000 rai to 600,000 rai and from 10,000 different products to 30,000. The Ministry of Commerce is currently collecting information on the sector to set nationwide standards and to build a network of growers.

The office is also to increase the number of organic farming villages to four this year, spanning all regions of the Kingdom. To qualify, at least 50 percent of farmers in a village must be engaged in organic farming. The villages are to be promoted as tourist destinations to help boost their revenue.