JSCCIB urges government to rethink minimum wage rise

The private sector is urging the government to rethink its decision to raise the country’s minimum wages.

Chairman of the the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand, Kalin Sarasin, who is also the chairman of the Joint Standing Committee on Commerce, Industry and Banking, said on Tuesday that the latest survey of the joint committee’ nationwide members found 92 percent viewed the recent minimum wage increase as excessive.

Mr. Kalin said that most respondents believed the new wages are not in line with respective local economic conditions and will affect the cost of labor and production so much that affected entrepreneurs are not able to adjust to a time change.

Accordingly, the joint standing committee is worried that the latest wage adjustment will accelerate the rate of unemployment after entrepreneurs replace people with machinery and technology.

Therefore, the committee is urging the government to review the minimum wage increases to make them more in line with the resolutions of provincial wage subcommittees and the Labor Protection Act.

Mr. Kalin said that the JSCCIB will soon submit a formal request to the Prime Minister.