ISOC Region 4 prepares Buddhist pilgrims for journey to India and Nepal

Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) Region 4 has held an orientation session for pilgrims about to travel to India and Nepal.

Commander of Army Region 4 and Deputy Director of ISOC Region 4 Lt Gen Kuakoon Innachak, inaugurated the orientation seminar held at Sirindhorn Camp in Pattani province. The session was organized to assist the second generation of pilgrims planning travel to India and Nepal this year. The group is mostly comprised of Buddhist monks and Buddhist faithful residing in Pattani and Songkla provinces. A total of 100 are to make the journey to the two countries and were given travel bags and wise advice ahead of their departure.

The pilgrimage was organized by ISOC Region 4 to boost the morale of southern border province Buddhists as well as to continue the tradition of pilgrimages to the birthplace of Buddhism. It is hoped those returning from the trip will commit to Buddhist practices in their daily lives.

Three groups are making the pilgrimage this year, the first traveled between January 14-23, the second group’s journey is from February 5-14 and the third group February 27th-March 8th.