Buri Ram volunteers to help the elderly and the underprivileged

Volunteers have been out in force on the streets of northeastern Buri Ram to help the elderly, the handicapped and the underprivileged.

Among those who received help was 44-year-old Dam Kla-ram, who is living with his elderly mother and suffers from myasthenia gravis.

Volunteers have raised money to repair their home and visited to offer health advice while coordinating with related local state agencies to seek additional home repair assistance.

They also visited 88-year-old Tib Pimarn, whose home has been deteriorating and needs a toilet. Mrs. Tib lives with four other members of the family, who don’t have regular work commitments, while one of the residents is her granddaughter who is mentally challenged.

Volunteers have offered help and advice on healthcare and promised to get state assistance to fix their home.

The group welcomes the help of all types and more information can be obtained at the Banyang Subdistrict Administrative Organization’s Office of Social Welfare or call 094-2915828 or 089-8657608.